Red Oak
On December 8th, 1983, John Keith purchased the 97 year-old Lee Hardware in McGregor, Texas from G.W. Lee. As the new owner, John made it a point to personally meet everyone that came into the store. We continue that grand tradition in all of our stores as we strive to be the most knowledgeable in the hardware business and to provide our customers with TEXAS SIZE SERVICE. Over the years, we have not only been blessed with great employees and leadership, but also with the best customers in the world! This has enabled us to expand into communities outside of McGregor.

After establishing the McGregor store, Lone Star Plaza in Hewitt, Texas became home to our second store in 1985. Three years later, the business had grown and we had to build a larger building at 1508 N. Hewitt Drive, which is now Goodwill Industries. In January of 1997, we built our larger store at our current location at 1424 N. Hewitt Drive. Although the store is within the city limits of Waco, Texas, we still consider it to be our Hewitt Store.

We opened our next store at 621 W. 5th Street in Clifton, Texas in 1987. Once again, we were blessed with great customers and in August of 1998 we moved to our current location at 604 N. Avenue G.

As the business continued to grow, we purchased the Hubbard Hardware Store in Hubbard, Texas in early 1998. It was re-opened under our name a few months later at 701 E. Hwy. 31.

During the summer of 2001, we purchased the 100 year-old Rush-Gardner & Bartlett of Marlin, Texas. This was re-opened under our name in October at 122 Live Oak.

Just one year later in 2002, we purchased Red Oak Ace Hardware in Red Oak, Texas which was also re-opened under our name in April of 2002 at 154 E. Ovilla Road.

In March 2003, we broke ground on our largest free-standing building in Brady, Texas; the doors opened on August 11th at 2210 S. Bridge Street.

In July of 2006, we purchased Lorena Hardware and Feed in Lorena, Texas which was re-opened under our name at 201 S. Frontage Road.

In August 2010 we began work expandind into the Salado, Texas community. We opened the doors on September 13th at 213 Mill Creek Road, Suite 100.

In August 2012 with the continued outstanding support of customers, we were able to build and open a new modern store in McGregor, Texas to better serve the growing needs of our customers in McGregor and its surrounding areas.

In Feburary 2015 we were able to expand to the China Spring community on the north west side of Waco. We opened the doors on Feburary 5th at 9701 Salem Way.

In January 2016 we were able to finally open Eleventh in Belton, Texas. We opened the doors on January 8th at 525 N. Main St.

We appreciate our customers and continue to strive to serve at the highest possible level and to be YOUR local ACE Hardware Store!
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